Memorial Satilla Health - November 09, 2018

Thomas Clay had doubts about going to rehab after suffering a stroke in May 2018 that left him unable to move his left arm and leg. He wasn't optimistic about his chances of reclaiming a normal life and was ready to accept his condition as permanent. Today, he's glad he took a chance.

During two weeks of rehab, Mr. Clay participated in collaborative physical, occupational and speech therapy services for at least three hours a day as an inpatient. His therapy also incorporated daily practice walking, balancing and normal routines such as dressing and bathing.

The payoff? He regained functional use of both his arm and leg and went home able to walk and care for himself.

"He and I worked together to come up with a therapy plan that met his needs. Mr. Clay's active participation and strong efforts allowed him to maximize his time at rehab. We want all of our patients to be that engaged and be a success," said Flossie Hall, COTA, Mr. Clay's primary occupational therapist.

Mr. Clay and his wife recently returned to Memorial Satilla Rehabilitation to show off his progress and to thank his rehab team. "What you guys did for me…the nurses, the therapists, everyone…was truly special. I got so much back in just two weeks. Everyone should come here and I will tell anyone that will listen," he said.