Amanda Morris (CPTC), Sarah Gove (MSH), Dale Neely (MSH CEO), Lonnie Roberts (CPTC President), Larry Paulk (CPTC), Celeste Brizzee (MSH), and Stephanie Roberts (CPTC).

Memorial Satilla Health is proud to support the Allied Health program at Coastal Pines Technical College. The hospital’s recent donation of $100,000 from the community benefit fund will directly support students through scholarships and program assistance.

Coastal Pines Technical College serves as a key source for newly hired nurses at Memorial Satilla.

"The Allied Health program at Coastal Pines serves as a vital pipeline for our hospital, supplying us with skilled nurses and technologists who play an indispensable role in delivering quality care to our patients. By supporting the development of medical professionals, we are shaping the future of healthcare and making a lasting impact on the well-being of our community,” said Dale Neely, CEO of Memorial Satilla Health.

“We are grateful to Memorial Satilla for their tremendous contribution in support of our nursing and healthcare programs. This contribution will strengthen our efforts to educate the next generation of healthcare professionals and will solidify a vital partnership in our shared commitment to advancing healthcare excellence. We are deeply honored by their support and look forward to the positive impact it will have on our students and the healthcare community,” said Lonnie Roberts, President of CPTC.