Registered dieticians in Ware County

When you need individualized nutrition services, you can count on our dieticians to provide compassionate care and educational resources. From meal plans to one-on-one nutrition counseling, our goal is to help you fuel your body with what it needs to live a healthy life.

To learn more about the nutrition services we offer, please call (912) 287-4271.

Features of our nutrition program

We are committed to providing expert nutrition counseling and high-quality meal plans to our patients. Our registered dietitians are accredited by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and offer comprehensive medical nutrition therapy.

Prescribing your diet plan

Our dieticians collaborate with other healthcare providers at Memorial Satilla Health to provide medical nutrition therapy. We take time to understand your preferences and health needs to create a plan that is best for you.

Additionally, if the diet prescribed by your physician is new to you, a registered dietitian is available to provide education and answer any questions you may have. To reach one of our registered dieticians, please call (912) 287-4271.

Nutrition counseling

We also provide nutrition plans to help prevent and manage chronic diseases. Our registered dietitians are available for one-on-one sessions. Nutrition counseling can be beneficial for a variety of needs, including:

What to expect during your nutrition counseling appointment

During your session, we will start with your diet history. We often recommend you keep track of what you eat 24 hours prior to your appointment. From there, we will share educational resources and talk about your goals.

After your initial appointment, you will also have the option to schedule a follow-up appointment to track your progress and address any concerns you may have.

Scheduling your appointment

A physician referral is required for insurance purposes. Medicare covers medical nutrition therapy for diabetic patients and patients with chronic kidney disease (stages one through four). If you are interested in a private nutritional consultation, check with your insurance provider to determine your coverage.

If you have been referred for nutrition counseling and would like to set up your appointment, call our scheduling department at (888) 454-7972.